The Overlap Learning Method is a combination of training and practical, hands-on application. Live In Person, live virtual, or self-serve teaching, and our community of cohorts, supports deep learning and development through concept introduction, reflection, group work, and dialogue. The Method ensures that participants will gain new skills, be more effective at work, and support a better team environment.

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Creative Problem Solving: 101

 Introduction to Human-Centred Design

Learn how to take a human-centred approach to your problem solving using design thinking techniques.

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Intermediate Courses

These 3 courses provide the foundation for creative problem solving by giving you the tools you need to explore complex problems, ideate, prototype, test, and make decisions.  

Creative Problem Solving: 201

 Exploring Complex Problems

Defining and researching stakeholder needs 

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Creative Problem Solving: 202

 Building Innovative Ideas

Ideating and prototyping new solutions

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Creative Problem Solving: 203

 Making Better Decisions

Testing and decision-making

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Planning to take all three of our Level 200 courses?  You can save over 15% by registering for all 3 courses at the same time with our new Intermediate Problem Solving Certificate!

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Advanced Courses

So, you've mastered our Intermediate courses and are ready to strengthen your creative problem solving muscles. Sign up for one of our advanced-level courses and master these 21st century skills!

Creative Problem Solving: 301

 Community and Staff Engagement Foundations  

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Creative Problem Solving: 302

 Facilitation & Running Better Meetings

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Creative Problem Solving: 303

 Working with Agility

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Creative Problem Solving: 304

 Leading Change Through Design

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Creative Problem Solving: 305

 Collaborative Sense Making  

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Creative Problem Solving: 306

 Making & Communicating Ideas

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Creative Problem Solving: 307

 How People Learn

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